Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I arrived at the hospital this morning at 8:03 to find Larry sitting on the side of the bed and in good spirits. His pain pump had been removed. One line down.

True to form, Dr. Roth came in to see Larry at 7:29. Larry was a bit anemic from blood loss, so he wanted Larry to receive his autologic blood that was not used during surgery. (That took 4 hours.......15 minutes to donate it but 4 hours to get it back.) The dressing was changed on his back and he discovered he had 27 stitches (staples). Wow!

Finally, at 2:30 all his lines and connections were out. Larry being Larry, on his first walk outside the room he walked the entire length of the orthopedics hall in both directions. Great effort.

With all his parts working again, he has high hopes of being discharged tomorrow. The Superman on his chest has begun to return gradually. Home will make recovery much easier.


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Robyn Piper said...

Glad to hear you are up and moving around and in true Piper form, are exceeding expectations! I know it's only because you are trying to outdo my recovery time from my last surgery :>)