Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Corner of the World

Five weeks down, how many more to go?

What you see above is our living room, modified for my lifestyle. What you don't see is the 46" TV at the opposite end of the room. Now having the TV is a mixed blessing--I can hear it OK but I can't see it (while I am laying down) without pulling down my bifocals on my nose. So the thing that hurts most is my nose!

I am still on the same schedule: 30 minutes siting every 120 minutes with maybe 10 minutes of walking thrown in. I sleep about 6-7 hours each night plus about 1-2 during the day. My pain pills for the last couple weeks continue to be two Tylenol a day. I did twist my back while sitting about a week ago, and I was sore and non-mobile for the next day or so.

I see the doctor in two days for my one month checkup. I know what he is going to say, but I will save that for another blog when I can report the full details.


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