Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Blog


I wish I had found the above cartoon to post earlier. It captures
one's true feelings following back surgery.

More signs that I am getting better

1 - I can tie my own shoes.

2 - I can pretty much shower and soap myself.

3 - I can sit much longer, up to 60 minutes at a time.

4 - I started wearing regular clothes rather than sweats.

5 - I can get in and out of the car OK.

6 - I have been off any pain pills for one week.

7 - If abandoned, I can wipe my own butt.

8 - I am making great progress (5 pages/day) writing a book.

9 - I spent 4 hours standing and sitting at our Christmas party.

10 - I am sleeping at night about the same as pre-surgery,
and the post-surgery dreaming has tapered off.

The only down side is a 3-4 pound weight gain; this seems to
be manifested in a slight swelling in the ankle area.


p.s. You did click on the link didn't you ?
It is another sign that I am getting better !

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