Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Catching Up on My Progress

Larry here again.

On Nov 16th (21 days post-surgery) I created a 'recovery timeline' using an Excel spreadsheet. This will ultimately allow me to put all the events into perspective.

On Nov 11th (16 days PS), I ventured out. We stopped at a couple stores for 5 minutes while I stayed in the car. But I did walk into the Midland Community Center--my second home--where I met the 8-9 guys who play paddleball every Tuesday night. It was great for me and VERY educational for them. But that 15 to 20 minutes sure set me back for the next couple of days.

Also around Nov 11th I began listening to something other than music on my mp3 players. (When you are lying flat on your back 22 hours a day, there are not many options for things to do. I would love to have a ceiling-projected TV.)

So here is a plug for TTC, The Teaching Company. They have created educational courses for students of all levels and interests. Our local library has many of their offerings, and I have long ago adopted the habit of listening to one 30 minute lecture every day that I work out on the stationary bike or treadmill. (I'm sure books on tape would serve the same purpose for other patients.)

This ability to listen to and comprehend these somewhat boring educational tapes sends a very big signal--not only is my body healing but my brain is also back!

My 30 minutes sitting time is up.


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