Sunday, November 23, 2008


Yesterday, Saturday, Nov 22, is our traditional Piper family Thanksgiving celebration meal. This frees both my children to have their own celebration on the 'regular' Thanksgiving day, and it certainly avoids any arguments about which parent's home you will go to each year.

Often one or more of my siblings or Judy's siblings drives up from Indiana to celebrate with us. This year's celebration was being held hostage by my recovery progress. As late as 7 days ago I announced to my son that I didn't think I would be able to make it to the dinner this year. But then the next day I changed my mind. So with 5 days lead time the Piper women huddled, plans were made, duties were assigned and we pulled it off. We had to sacrifice the Indiana families but they understood. Their places were replace by the second and only other living grandparents. Grampa Greenfelder, who recently has been through more hospital time, pain and need for caregiving than myself, was also able to make it to the dinner, which indeed made it a day for giving thanks.

Now our Thanksgiving dinner is always proceeded by family pictures--which each family then uses for Christmas cards. We have discovered the secret and ideal photo location. It is a stairs, and that allows us to squeeze 8-10 people into a small location. With some practice I managed to sit on the stairs and still keep my back straight. We even managed to find time for the youngest to have her birthday party.

With my 30 minute sitting limitation, I had to periodically disappear to the upstairs to relax my back. The 4.5 hours, 270 minutes, which we were gone from home was: 45 min car, 40 sit, 30 lay down, 10 pictures, 30 eat, 60 lay down, 10 sit, 45 ride home. This is a little more sitting than I should have taken, but I was not sore that evening or the next day. Also, I continue to be at two 500 mg Tylenol per day (one every 12 hours), which I think is very good for 27 days post-surgery.


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