Monday, November 3, 2008

Random Thoughts and Updates

While Larry is sleeping, I thought I would bring you all up to date on his thoughts and progress.

Larry's sitting is confined to 15-20 minutes max (primarily due to pain) 3 times a day plus a couple more. He's still taking his pain meds full strength after 4 days at home -- vicodin and valium every 6 hours.

He is not ready to receive visitors yet. His endurance is short lived at best right now.

Things are "going in and coming out" on a regular basis -- which is good.

He thinks he is less than 5% thru the recovery process. I think it is truly amazing what the body can do in just one week.

His brain and mouth pretty much haven't ever stopped. Illustration......his latest riddle......What is 10" and white? His decompression laminectomy scar.

Today 28 staples were removed, so now he is held together by steri strips.

Judy for "The Commander"

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